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DMS launched in 2023 by Chuck Sanders, who has a long-standing history in third-party real estate transaction services. A committed entrepreneur and industry pioneer, Mr. Sanders has grown and sold businesses, including a large venture in the real estate space. Mr. Sanders is approaching this new enterprise with industry, operational and technological experience.

Focused on building legacy and modeling the ability to succeed in the financial services industry, Mr. Sanders is partnering with his son, Mr. CJ Sanders, Senior Vice President, Operations and Diversity. By modeling and paving the way, they aim to show the next generation the great potential for working and succeeding within the financial services and mortgage industries.

Chuck Sanders, CEO

Chuck Sanders, Jr.,

SVP, Operations / Diversity

“What makes us diverse? It’s the power of our inclusive and engaged team, paving the way for others. It’s the breadth of our title services and the expertise we hold. It’s the way we view the real estate ecosystem and the importance of borrower satisfaction. It’s our pride in being a part of this industry.” — Chuck Sanders, CEO

DMS is an emerging leader in providing national title and closing services, delivered through EXOS®, a holistic digital title and closing ecosystem. We are committed to setting a new standard as an operation through sustainable, smart, responsive and resilient business practices.

DMS partners with experts and industry leaders

DMS is licensing the industry’s premier title and closing platform, EXOS® Technology, to deliver a fast, transparent and secure product to lenders seeking a competitive advantage in today’s market. DMS is backed by minority investor ServiceLink, which is part of the FNF family of companies.

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